Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app

Easy to download and set up
Assistive technology compatible
Ability to customise
Good visual features
Easy to operate
Easy to understand

Our overall accessibility score:  3.3/5

What can it control?  Honeywell’s Evohome multi-zonal thermostat pack (with smart TRVS’s) and single zone thermostat, hot water, evohome security.

How can it be controlled? Via an Android or Apple device or web browser.

What are the download requirements? The app is free to download from the Apple store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS version 11.3 or later) and the Google Play store on Android phones and tablets (version 4.4 or later).

Money saving features

  • Multi-zone control: Yes
  • Boost function: Yes
  • Program modes: Yes
  • Temperature reports: No
  • Geolocation: No
  • Optimisation: Yes
  • Weather forecasts: Yes
  • Weather responsive: No
  • Open-window detection: No

Ease-of-use features

1. Easy download and set-up

  • The app is relatively straightforward to download and set up as it guides you through each step. 
  • If you want to control multiple heating zones, the set-up is more complicated and time-consuming since you are required to pair each product (i.e. smart TRV) with the app.

      Score: 3/5

2. Assistive technology compatible

  • The app works reasonably well with Apple’s VoiceOver screenreader, and most buttons are clearly labelled.

      Score: 4/5

3. Ability to customise

  • There are no options to alter the text size or change the colour contrast in the app’s settings.
  • You can change the names of and change how your different heating zones (up to 12) are displayed on the app’s home screen.

      Score: 2/5

4.  Good visual features

  • The app’s main features and heating zone temperatures are displayed on the same screen without it appearing too crowded.
  • The names of different heating zones and their room temperatures are displayed in large and bold black text on a white background on the app’s home screen.
  • Target temperatures are displayed below the room temperatures of different heating zones in smaller white text on a coloured strip to indicate how warm the rooms are (blue/green for colder and orange/red for warmer temperatures).

     Score: 4/5

5. Easy to operate

  • You can adjust the temperature in half degree increments by either holding on the screen and swiping vertically or tapping up and down.
  • Setting a schedule requires you to select a target temperature in the same way as you would adjust a room temperature and a start time via a drop-down menu.

      Score: 4/5

6. Responsive

  • The app can provide you with text or email temperature alerts to your smartphone or tablet.
  • The colour of the entire screen changes as the target temperature for each zone is adjusted (blue/green for colder and orange/red for warmer temperatures).

      Score: 4/5

7. Easy to understand

  • The app displays the outdoor temperature and provides a 5-day weather forecast to help you adjust the heating of different heating zones accordingly.
  • Most features are labelled with symbols. The absence of text throughout the app makes it difficult to understand what the symbols mean and what actions they perform.

      Score: 2/5

Is there anything I should watch out for?

  • The app does not allow you to adjust the text size or change the colour contrast in its settings.
  • The app assumes that users will recognise and understand its symbols. However, they are ambiguous and it is difficult to interpret what they do.
  • The app requires you to specify an end time in order to confirm any temperature adjustment you make to one of your heating zones.
  • Setting a schedule does not allow you to select an end time for your heating to go off,  meaning you have to create an additional schedule.
  • Symbols representing different program modes (e.g. eco/boost, away mode, schedule) on the top of the home screen are closely aligned, which could make them difficult to target by touch.
  • The eco and boost modes are combined as one program mode. Eco mode works by reducing the temperature of your heating zones by 3 degrees while boost mode works by increasing it by 3 degrees.

Who might this app be good for?

  • The names of different heating zones and their corresponding room temperatures are displayed in very clear large and bold black text on a white background making the app accessible for those with slight to mild visual impairments. However, a lot of features are represented as symbols that are difficult to interpret which could be problematic for users.
  • The app should work reasonably well for those with dexterity impairments as it allows the use of alternative gestures to adjust room temperatures. However, different program modes are closely aligned meaning there is little spacing to easily target them by touch.

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This app was user-tested by RiDC's researchers and members of our consumer panel in November 2020. Individual scores of ease-of-use features represent an indicative interpretation by RiDC of the feedback received from members of our consumer panel rather than scoring by consumer panel members themselves.