Honeywell Home app

Easy to download and set up
Assistive technology compatible
Ability to customise
Good visual features
Easy to operate
Easy to understand

Our overall accessibility score:  3.4/5

What can it control? Honeywell’s T6 thermostats, hot water, security cameras and water leak and freeze detector.

How can it be controlled? Via an Android or Apple device.

What are the download requirements? The app is free to download from the Apple store on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS version 11.0 or later) and Apple watch (version 3.0 or later) and the Google Play store on Android phones and tablets (version 5.0 or later).

Money-saving features:

  • Multi-zone control: No
  • Boost function: No
  • Program modes: Yes
  • Temperature reports: No
  • Geolocation: Yes
  • Optimisation: Yes
  • Weather forecasts: Yes
  • Weather responsive: No
  • Open-window detection: No

Ease-of-use features

1. Easy download and set-up

  • The app is relatively straightforward to download and set up as it provides clear instructions along the way.
  • Pairing your products with the app is slightly more difficult as it requires you to hold on a button of your product until text appears, select a WiFi connection and then enter a 4-digit code, retrieved from the display of your product, into the app.

      Score: 3/5

2. Assistive technology compatible

  • The app works reasonably well with Apple’s VoiceOver and Android’s TalkBack screenreaders and most buttons are clearly labelled.
  • The app can be voice controlled using Siri on an Apple device.

      Score: 4/5

3. Ability to customise

  • The app does not allow you to adjust the text size, change the colour contrast or chose how information is displayed to you in its settings.
  • The app does allow you to change the name of your products.

      Score: 2/5

4. Good visual features

  • The app’s interface is minimal and features and information are visible on the screen without you needing to scroll down.
  • The colour contrast of the screen is predominantly black text on a white background.
  • Room and target temperatures are clearly displayed in orange text on a white background.
  • Features that are displayed as symbols (e.g. mode, schedule) are clearly labelled with text.

      Score: 4/5

5. Easy to operate

  • Unlike other smart home apps, you can view the status and control all of your products (including adjusting the temperature of your thermostat) on the app’s home screen.
  • The app requires minimal swipes to get from one page to the next and the back button is placed on the top left-hand side of the app’s screen making it easier to navigate back to the home screen.
  • The temperature (for current room and heating schedules) is adjusted by tapping on up and down arrows with the target temperature displayed in between.
  • A wide choice of pre-configured schedules are available making it easier to set times for when your heating will come on.
  • Start and end times for heating schedules and holiday mode are selected via drop-down menus.

      Score: 5/5

6. Responsive

  • The app can provide you with alerts through push notifications and email when your indoor temperature is too high or low or when your boiler fails.
  • The room temperature is displayed in black text when it is off and orange when it is on. However, there are no other visual cues to indicate how warm the room temperature is.
  • Unlike the thermostat, there is no red flame symbol that appears on the app to indicate when the heating is on.

      Score: 2/5

7. Easy to understand

  • The app displays the outdoor temperature on the thermostat control screen and provides a weather forecast to help you adjust your heating accordingly.
  • The app is intuitive as its design and features are minimal and clearly labelled with text.

      Score: 4/5

Is there anything I should watch out for?

  • When pairing your thermostat during the set-up, the app requires you to hold on the screen of your thermostat until text appears and then enter a 4-digit code from its display into the app which would be problematic for blind users.
  • The app does not allow you to adjust the text size, change the colour contrast or chose how information is displayed to you in its settings.
  • Aside from the current room temperature, other on-screen text throughout the app is small and difficult to read.
  • Heating schedules are displayed as either grouped days (in which you need to create one schedule that will appear for the whole week) or single day (in which you need to schedule each day individually).

Who might this app be good for?

  • The app's compatibility with Android's Talkback and Apple's VoiceOver screenreader and voice assistant Siri make it suitable for blind users.
  • The app's minimalist design, consistent layout and features labelled with text make it user-friendly for people with cognitive or memory impairments.
  • Minimal swipes to navigate the app and simple tapping gestures to adjust the temperature make it suitable for users with dexterity impairments (e.g. hand tremors).

To find out more about the Honeywell Home app:

This app was user-tested by RiDC's researchers in February 2021. Individual scores of ease-of-use features represent an indicative interpretation by RiDC's researchers.