Beko WR84PB44DW

Image of Beko WR84PB44DW washing machine
Visual contrast
Smart features

The Beko WR84PB44DW washing machine has the following ease of use features:

1. Tactile features

  • This machine has a dial. All other functions are touchscreen buttons.
  • The dial to select programmes clicks into place.

2. Audio output

  • The controls have audible tones.
  • This washing machine emits an audible tone when the cycle is done.
  • It also makes an audible tone when it's powered on and off.
  • If your selection is not valid, there is an audible tone.

3. Visual contrast

  • There are LED lights around the dial that correspond with programme settings.
  • The controls correspond with LED lights on the digital display.
  • If your selection is not valid, an LED light blinks.
  • This machine has an LCD digital display and touchscreen interface for functions aside from programme settings.
  • The colour contrast is grey on white around the dial, white on black on the control panel and white on black on the digital display.
  • The print size is large and the controls are well spaced.
  • The on/off button has poor contrast (grey on white) and is located to the right of the control panel.

4. Simplicity

  • The machine is turned on by pressing the on/off button. You use a dial to select the programme setting. The other settings are accessed using touchscreen buttons on the control panel. The machine is started by pressing the start/pause button once.
  • The buttons on the control panel are large and well-spaced, but they don't stick out.
  • There's a manual dial and an electronic control panel for functions aside from programme-setting.
  • This machine has 16 programmes.

5. Verification

  • The digital display shows settings and the time remaining at each stage.
  • The buttons make audible tones when pressed.
  • The dial clicks into place.
  • You can pause the cycle using the start/pause button.

6. Maintenance

  • This washing machine has no auto-cleaning programmes or settings.
  • The detergent tray is fairly easy to remove and compartments are wide enough to clean.

7. Smart features

  • The machine has auto-dosing functions.