Miele WCI660 TwinDos XL

Image of the Miele WCI660 TwinDos XL washing machine
Visual contrast
Smart features

The Miele WCI660 TwinDos XL has the following ease of use features:

1. Tactile features

  • It has a dial; all other functions are raised buttons on the touchpad.
  • The dial to select programmes clicks into place and has a concave pointer that lines up with the programme selected.

2. Audio output

  • The touchscreen buttons make audible tones when pressed.
  • There is no audible tone to indicate an invalid selection (although the machine will not allow you to make an invalid one) or to signal the end of the cycle.

3. Visual contrast

  • The dial has a yellow pointer that lines up with pointing lines that lead to programme settings.
  • There is an LCD digital display with raised buttons on the touchpad.
  • The colour contrast is black on white around the dial, white on black on the touchpad, and green on black on the start/stop button.
  • The digital display and touchpad are very brightly lit.

4. Simplicity

  • The Miele WCI660 TwinDos XL is turned on by turning the dial to the desired programme. All other functions are accessed using the raised buttons on the touchpad.
  • It is started by pressing the start/stop button once.
  • The buttons are large and well spaced.
  • There are 12 programmes.

5. Verification

  • The digital display shows the time remaining and the settings chosen.
  • The buttons make audible tones when pressed.
  • The dial clicks into place. The touchpad buttons are raised.
  • You can pause the cycle using the start/stop button.

6. Maintenance

  • There are no auto-cleaning programmes or settings.
  • The detergent tray is easy to remove and clean. The compartments are a good size and easy to wipe down.

7. Smart features

  • TwinDos: the Miele WCI660 is fitted with Miele's autodosing system, using a two-phase system to dispense detergent.
  • The machine also is equipped with CapDosing, Miele's detergent system for specific washes and fabrics.
  • It is WiFi enabled and can be controlled using a smart phone app.